Lisa Bellini's Bio

Lisa Bellini is a Life Coach, Empowered Healer, Light Worker, Indigo Starseed & Spiritual Educator

Lisa has been blessed to receive spiritual abilities ‘gifts’ since the age of 12, that can guide you through your life’s plan and yoursoul’s contracts.  These contracts are agreed upon before birth by your soul and soul family which take on a precise assignment.   Since the past can influence the present and the decisions made today shape the future, you need to attain a special clarity to recognize your path.  This clarity results in a higher state of awareness and vibration stemming from your heart.  Emotional, physical and mental healing in addition to internal spiritual growth will transpire through communication with Spirit and Lisa’s guidance.  

Through Lisa’s messages that she receives from her higher self, spiritual council and life experiences, she has developed an ability that helps her to heal and guide people to find their specific path which they need to follow in order to embrace, enhance and enlighten their lives.  Lisa delivers the messages received from her inner soul through Spirit who urges her to communicate with her clients clearly and concisely.  Since each individual is unique and have their own predetermination, there are several areas where she will enable you to become personally aware.   Healing, visiting past incarnations, resolving present issues and providing future direction is where Spirit guides Lisa to share and verbalize to you specifically. 

There are many higher frequency souls on this planet at this time.  Children born with clarity, these older souls will be led down a path filled with fear, anger and animosity rather than a life filled with compassion, joy, and bliss.  Not fulfilling these predetermined goals, prevents you from living a happy life and creates a path to return again for another incarnation.  

Seeking clarity, self-empowerment and a higher state of consciousness enables you to make cognizant decisions as you move forward.  Raising your frequency assists in finding and fulfilling your life path, purpose and destiny.  

As an Initiate and Guide of the Hierarchy of Light, Brotherhood and Sisterhood of light, Lisa's website,, will guide you through the use of many specific tools enabling healing and attaining your higher vibration.  The body will be balanced through the light stemming from the heart working with meditation and Godconsciousness.  Your life force energy will be enlightened and directed to the path of a higher vibration connecting to your intuitive perception.  You will be amazed as you are brought to awareness and balance which will bring you inner peace.

As a spiritual Life Coach, Lisa uses tools to attain knowledge and understanding of your personal direction.  She offers modalities of a higher frequency through tools such as meditation, spiritual development, the crystal pyramid technique, crystal healing, spiritual guiding, 24 Strand DNA Activation, Adam Kadmon Activation and several others. 

  Come and orchestrate your destiny through Spirit and Lisa’s guidance.

Lisa is an advocate to the indigo’s, starseeds, and rainbows and crystal children who are really

“The Children of the Light”.

To many of these children have been labeled with ADD / ADHD in mainstream. assisting and guiding to educate the parents, educators, physicians and even politicians.  Raising awareness brings about education,  understanding and an end to the judgment and ridicule which will damange an individual on the emotional, mental, spiritual and then the physical level,  many of the first wave have lived and died through. All of these children and adults have suffered far too long under the Egotistical logical left brain, but these souls can not be brainwashed to conform to what mainstream’s views as Normal. We naturally come from our heart, we live life sensitive to nature, our planet, animals and other people, having gods laws written within our hearts, an inner knowing and feeling of right from wrong. This is the main reason why so many people live with physical, mental and emotional issues such as depression. 

The Indigo Energy is not as new as people seem to think, today we have many calling this New Age, in reality, it is anything but New Age. We reincarnate on this planet with Gods Laws burnt into our hearts, we carry a burning desire for peace, unity and oneness. An unconditional acceptance to who we are. 

We are also highly connected to Gods Rays of Light, which, comprise the bands of electrical and magnetic energy coming onto the earth. This electrical energy is radiated out from the undifferentiated Source to the whole world, planets, everything in existence. In volume I of the Esoteric Psychology (P. 316), Alice Bailey defines a “ray” in the following way;

“A Ray is but a name for a particular force or type of energy with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibits and not the form aspect which it creates. ” This is a true definition of a Ray.”

Prior to 1991 we had 7 Rays and only those 7 would touch our plane. Today, we have 12 Rays connecting with our planet and humanity. They are available to us, assisting us to ascend into a higher consciousness.

The first seven are called the personality of God, we are gifted with the very attributes and characteristics of the Creator, God. The additional 5 rays which have been connecting to the earth are a combination of the first 7 rays combined with Christ Consciousness. As these rays intensify, so will those who have learned to work with the energy and frequency, however for those who have not, they will have a low energy level,  have an extremely hard time in so many ways; manifesting dis-ease,  becoming depression, angry, anxious, fearful, all of the negative emotions will come to the surface and remain.

 The Crystal Healing Center, Lisa Bellini grew up as an indigo child and when she realized her son was also an indigo, she saw the same sensitivity within him which she carried for her entire life, it was her son who opened her eyes to her purpose and mission on this plane.

Along with the guidance of her spiritual guides and the counsel who are with her every moment of every day.  Lisa knew  she had to make a change, a difference on this planet to bring forth this information to each person, community, state or country. We all have the ability to ascend into a beautiful world. Do you wish to reincarnate onto this 3rd dimensional level for the next 26,000 years or ascend in this reincarnation?

Most importantly, we all must come together to create an energetic force, and this will require many of us to awaken, raise our frequency, and move into our heart.  It is our heart which connects to our minds and the earth, this connection creates a force field, much like a Magnetic Torsion Field of Love.  The Force field is all around  us, in nature, animals, the planet,  and each element. When this  field is activated and connected to our earth, she will then connect with us, she will protect us, guide us, and assist us as we assist her to ascend. We are to punch a hole through all of the negativity, lies and brainwashing which has taken place and held on tight for thousands of years.

After the fall of Atlantis, the mental layer / field was created and the Emotional (heart) became blocked, disregarded and looked upon as weakness, in truth, that very sensitivity is what we need to reconnect too, our heart. The indigo’s have been reincarnating in waves since the late 1940’s.  We are Ancient Souls who have chosen to return to assist the Global Awakening. The planet itself is shifting its vibration, and we are currently on the cusp between the age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. 

In order to ensure a smooth and harmonious transition to a higher spiritual and planetary dimension, we must all learn to take personal responsibility for raising our own bio-electro-magnetic frequency within our body, and move into living a life in which we are more attuned to our heart. Our heart carries the magnetic frequency, our mind, the electrical, our planet carries electrical and magnetic, as we begin to heal our own bodies, and we can assist in healing the planet magnetic frequency.

 We have all heard of the upcoming Pole shift, this is due to a shift in the polarity of the positive and negative flow of energy, Compassion verses fear, living in the moment, not the past or fearing the future,  opening our heart to others, listening to the intuition which comes from the heart and not second guess it with the mind, logic, is the key to ascend.

For too long humanity has been pushed into a logical way of living, this way is a wrong way of living which has basically taken everyone off path to the truth of who we are, (we are spiritual beings here on planet earth having a physical experience).

Those who are of Indigo Energy have volunteered to return at this time to assist humanity and planet earth. We have been returning for the past 200 hundred years. We are old souls, many seeded this planet with life, and this is why the indigos and starseeds are so intelligent and creative… yet, the educational system is doing everthing it can to remove all classes utilizing creativity.

Opening Holistic Centers and Spiritual Retreats in each state of the United States and ultimately around the Globe is the true mission of the Crystal Healing Center, as well as Lightworkers Internationa, A traveling seminar team.  Preparing for the "period of ascension," we must work to raise our individual frequency, connect with the consciousness of the world as a whole for the ascension,". This is too large of an undertaking for one person or one organization to accomplish alone.

Many are seeking the second coming ot  Jesus Christ, what is returning is our connection to the Christ Consciousness, it is not one person, it is many who will come togehter and  working together to achieve common goals. The Foundation will be created of like-hearted people, from all fields of holistic health care, in an effort to switch the consciousness from drugging our children to finding alternative ways to enhance the gifts that they have been born with.


We are in the process of bringing together a team of visionaries from all over the globe. Yes, all over the Globe…The period of awakening is occurring all over the world, from the USA, Germany, Israel, So. Africa to the United Kingdom, from  every nook and cranny on the planet. Millions are responding to this time of awakening and, as a result, many share the same vision. Many are working to accomplish similar goals. The Foundation will seek to harness the energy of these like-hearted people and organizations, as we offer energy healings, spiritual guideance, spiritual development, initiations, connecting to the rays of god connects us to our heart, as we teach and support eachone other, we will make them into  powerful tools for raising consciousness.

As I work with those remembering who they are, I also work to help them reclaim their birth right, the very abilities they have had for thousands of years. Helping them to move within themselves, tap into this energy, grow it, helping them reawaken and claim their power. I know I am one person and one person can only do so much and help so many, while I have spirt constantly reminding me “time is of the essence” I realize I cannot do this alone, for the sake of all of humanity and our world, I am bringing people together, creating a team to travel to all who wish to reclaim their birthright, but we are also keeping in mind we will eventually have a community, especially for the event of a  pole shift.

Opening Holistic Centers and Spiritual Retreats in each state of the United States and ultimately around the Globe.  Preparing all for the "period of ascension," we must all work together to raise our individual frequency, connect with the consciousness of the world as a whole for the ascension,".

We are blessed to have been born during a time, as we begin to discover our life's purpose, we will be given God’s Grace via the opportunity to raise the energy of the planet and assist in bringing Heaven to Earth... What a gift…

We are visionaries and humanitarians - we cannot be ignored or pushed aside any longer… We are 

"The Children of the Light"

We have too many doctors drugging our children, doctors believe themselves to be experts in a field they know nothing about. As a mother of an indigo child, I speak not only from the experience of living the life, but also raising an indigo child. This information cannot be found in any book, the truth can only come from those who are living the life. As a mother, I can say they are extremely sensitive, creative, and energetic. If you have such a child, always keep the lines of communication open, don't become angry, watch your words, listen and react with respect. If you react with anger, they will create a wall in their teen years. Once a wall is up, it is extremely hard to break it down. The advice I give to all parents, raise your indigos with unconditional love, communication, respect and a sure them that you will always be there for them. Never lie, the Indigo's feel the energy before we hear the words but feel the energy. Words are easy to hide, you can't do the same with energy, and it never lies. Always be honest with your children.

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